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We don't workout or exercise. WE TRAIN!

Just to be clear… The #DRXVESQUAD EATS!  Our team of dedicated c̶r̶a̶z̶y̶ ̶p̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶ ...or "clients" knows that “EVERY DAY is SAVAGE DAY” and we have fun & while working hard to get results with no excuses.




Try a Quick Slam Ball / Medicine Ball Workout from our Enhanced Aesthetics Training (EAT!) Series...

Training Client Reviews

"Would like to take the Time and Thank Alverez for my training sessions and bootcamp. I have seen my body molding little by little. I have been pushed to training /lift on things I beyond ever taught I could possibly do. I am so happy I decided to sign up for one on one sessions, this has taught me balance, posture and lifting the right way and allowed me to continue my weight loss journey and to also become stronger mentally and physically. If you are looking to get pushed in the best possible way; this is your guy.

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Sandra B.

"If you’re going to follow a program or listen to the advice of any individual THIS IS THE MAN YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO!! A living example of DRXVE! Pushing for one more round, one more rep, one more set and most importantly practicing what he preaches!!!The energy and vibe from him and his programs are EVERYTHING!!! I’m able to do things and lift weights that I would’ve never attempted on my own. He’s helped us to push past the limitations we’ve place on ourselves and has created an internal force and DRXVE 😉 to shatter that glass ceiling and finally reaching the goals that we’ve been trying to reach!"

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Cassandra R.

"Alverez is an awesome trainer! He is always encouraging, always has a great attitude and contagious energy. Sometimes I walk into the gym with little energy but he always hypes me up and ready to work out! His workouts are great, always makes sure I'm accomplishing something new each session. I have learned so much from him and am very thankful to have him as my trainer!"

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Jocelyn A.

"Excellent training! Well designed with multiple variations of fundamental moves that provide maximum results!"

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I.C. Blackburn