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What is YOUR Goal?

Lose Weight. Build Muscle.
Cut the Gut Fat. Carve out your Curves.

Any goal, Any location...
Together, we can Totally Transform Your Body & Mindset.

I'm Alverez, a Personal Trainer / Nutrition Coach in Houston / Pasadena, TX.

I have 3 coaching services to help you TRAIN & CHANGE.

We don't workout. We don't exercise. WE TRAIN!

Just to be clear… The #DRXVESQUAD EATS!  Our training team knows that #EVERYDAYisSAVAGEDAY... so we have fun & work hard to get results with no excuses. #NoBullsh!tWorkHarder

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"Incredible place to train! Never would have thought that I would be capable of doing push ups!! Alverez is a great coach who wants us to become strong! Love the mentality to get stronger! Highly recommend to come and train at the Savage Lands! Won’t regret it!"

Ana (@anafromzero)

We all started at the Bar.

No matter what big lifts or crazy combos you see in the videos, we all STARTED our struggle at the 45lb barbell. The 5lb dumbbells. The 10 sec plank. The "not-really a pushup" pushup.

We all started at that akward stage of walking into the gym, not really knowing what to do, not really knowing how strong we were.... but KNOWING we HAD to do something to change.

And what did we do to CHANGE? We TRAINED.

"Alverez has been my personal trainer for a year now and he has taught me so much. I have more confidence and more knowledge to help me on my weight loss journey. He has patience with me to teach the proper way to do certain exercises, but he also knows when I need to be pushed ! I look forward to every training session we have together, regardless on how I feel when I first walk thru the doors, I know for a fact I'll feel 100% better after a training session with him !!!"

Tish (@TishLovesGlitter)

We train crazy people.

...People who are crazy enough to believe "YOU CAN" and determined enough to SHOW UP every session to prove it.

> 18 years old to 70 years young.
> "Lose my gut" to "Grow my glutes"
> "Never worked out" to P90 Expert

No matter your age, goals or challenges, If you have the guts to believe "YOU CAN" truly TRAIN & CHANGE... We have the coaching & the mindset to help you get there.

DRXVE Training Facility Clients - The Savage Lands

Alverez is an awesome trainer. I drive 45 mins just to see him if that says anything! We've been training together since the pandemic and never looked back. He’s increasingly motivating and holds me accountable. He helped me stay conditioned safely while I worked out thoughout pregnancy, as well as get my body back after my little one was born! He adds value to every workout for all levels of experience. Get ready to sweat, get a good burn and push yourself to a healthier, happier and stronger you.

Ariel S.

For Ladies...

There’s nothing like walking into a room & having someone say “You must workout”... simply by seeing you.

YOU CAN make your clothes fit better without starving yourself or doing incessant cardio. 

YOU CAN lift heavier than you think you can while looking better than you ever thought you could. 

Your Strong curves, smaller waist & toned arms will be an earned result from all the hard work you will do.
For you.

When we started this program I was hovering around 180-182lbs. So 172.2 is the lowest I've been since nursing school/Harvey time. It's crazy I feel great! That number has not been seen in soooo long!

Julianna (Houston Nurse)

For Men...

There’s nothing better than knowing you’re strong... while your numbers & arms are SHOWING you’re strong. 

YOU CAN lift big, lose the gut & look more powerful than you EVER have. 

YOU CAN use that new strength & power to move faster, get more explosive and perform in ways you never could before. 

Clock In & Put your numbers up!

Excellent training! Well designed with multiple variations of fundamental moves that provide maximum results!

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Ian Blackburn

I'm your Coach, ALVEREZ.

I started at 435 lbs & lost 205 Lbs TOTAL! < Read How >

Now I’m a personal trainer & Head Coach at the DRXVE Facility aka The Savage Lands. 

I specialize in functional strength training, metabolic conditioning (metcon), nutritional coaching & group motivation to help you build the most savage version of yourself.

And Remember.... Savagery requires Sacrifice.

Your Coach is Here and Will Show Up for You… Every Day. If you are willing to start moving & show up too... Together, We can achieve Every Goal you have in front of you.

More Client Testimonials

"Alverez is an awesome trainer! He is always encouraging, always has a great attitude and contagious energy. Sometimes I walk into the gym with little energy, but he always hypes me up & gets me ready to work out! His workouts are great, always makes sure I'm accomplishing something new each session. I have learned so much from him & I am very thankful to have him as my personal trainer!"

Jocelyn A via Google Reviews

I have only been training with Alverez for 2 months & I can already see definition in my legs, arms, and glutes! My face is slimmer... I am so excited with my results! I can't wait to see what I will look like in 6 months! #DRXVE!!!!

La Shunda (Houston Nurse)

Gets me going. If it wasn’t for Alverez, I wouldn’t be getting stronger or toning up. At first I was scared to join, but now I regret not joining sooner. He works with your schedule and with your goals.

Geselle Z. via Google

Coach Alverez is the best! If you put in the work you will get the results. He is inspirational and will push you to the limit! This gym is a safe & fun environment! Invest in yourself!

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Natalie R. via Google

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