How I Lost 200 LBS in Houston | Personal Training, HIIT, Flexible Dieting

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How I Lost 200 LBS in Houston | Personal Training, HIIT, Flexible Dieting

I'm your Coach, ALVEREZ. I Started at 435 LBS! and now I'm 205 POUNDS DOWN!!  Find out how i Lost 200+ LBS using the DRXVE Training App, Weight Lifting, MetCon Workouts, Nutrition Coaching and Flexible Dieting.

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Where I Started

UPDATE!!! I HIT A NEW GOAL WEIGHT & BODY FAT%!!! #2o5POUNDSDOWN!! UNDER 18% BODY FAT ~ @mostcold (Sept 2019)

Right now, I am 6’4″ and 280 lbs 240 lbs 230lbs. When I started working out, I weighed 435 pounds.

Alverez Houston Fitness Trainer

Alverez, Houston Fitness Trainer – Before & After / Weight Loss Progress – Pasadena, TX


But I wasn’t always 435 lbs. After moving to a new city in 2003, I let my fitness habits slip…and the weight slowly started to creep UP! Actually… before i started gaining weight, i was a strong 230 lbs. I worked out & played basketball at least 2-3 times a week.


Earlier “Before” Pics ( in 1996, 2002)

Why I Decided To Change…

I was embarrassed, I didn’t recognize myself & I was pissed. Bottom line. I knew I was stronger than this; more disciplined than this! But it took me a while to realize & remember that. As I started gaining weight, i just shook it off, blamed it on all the food choices in Houston.. and kept buying bigger clothes.


I did have family & friends who tried to “remind me” about my weight gain & tell me i was getting fat as hell! But, i was stubborn & I didn’t listen. I just kept rationalizing it and making excuses. My shirt sizes kept getting larger, the airplane seats kept getting “smaller“, my seat belt kept getting “tighter“… and in 2011, I was the heaviest I have ever been in my life.

Alverez and Sister in New Orleans - Fitness Trainer

I remember the day i finally realized how bad it really was. I woke up that morning and, for the first time in years, saw a “sideview” of myself in the mirror. My “front-to-back” girth was ridiculous!!! I didn’t recognize myself at all! I generally have a positive “cool, big dude” image of myself in my head…. and THIS fat a$$ in the mirror was NOT IT!!  

That’s when I realized:

  1. I was lying to myself
  2. I was in terrible shape…
  3. and it was time to change. Period.

How I Lost The Weight…

Flexible Dieting & Working Out. Period. No Magic.

Just Movement & Math. It took me a while to cut through all the bullsh*t info + product gimmicks and figure out what really worked. After starting to walk/run outside (but still eating terrible), I spoke to a Houston Fitness Trainer, who gave me some insight on macros and my calorie limits. Soon after, I joined a local gym, found a workout program online… and went from there. I definitely didn’t start out great. It was downright comical at times lol… but I was determined. As I learned more, I lost more and slowly started to get the hang of tracking macros & working out consistently.

Remember… It’s not Magic. It’s Math. Eat Less + Burn More = Lose Weight.

still at it. #manmakers in the garage. ???? #gruel. #summerwork #wintergoals

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What I’ve Learned So Far…

Besides literally becoming a NASM™ Certified Personal Trainer in the process….  I’ve learned a lot about training, workouts, motivation and what it takes to make a major difference in your life.

Here are 4 MAJOR POINTS to Remember!  Contact me at: if you have questions about any of this:

1. It’s more about BODY COMPOSITION, Less about WEIGHT.

When you’re getting back in shape, your two main fitness goals should be:
  1. Increase LEAN MASS & MUSCLE
  2. Decrease BODY FAT

Increasing your Lean Mass will tone your body, get those muscles stronger, increase your metabolism (which burns more fat) and may actually raise your weight on the scale. Decreasing your Body Fat will make your clothes fit better, shrink your waist and may lower your weight on the scale.

The scale is a decent indicator for “overall weight loss”, but after you start to build muscle in the gym, it becomes less of a reliable tool. Along with tracking your weight on the scale…. ALSO make sure you:
  1. Track your changes in body fat (with a digital scale or caliper)
  2. Take progress pics for yourself
  3. Keep track of how your current clothes fit

2. Get TWO GOAL Shirts

One of the most motivating things you can do is fit perfectly into a #TestPolo (GOAL shirt) that absolutely didn’t fit a few months ago. It’s a real-life, visual representation of your fitness progress. It charged me up MUCH MORE to watch myself go from a 5X to an XL in GOAL Shirts… than it did to hover over a scale, hoping for an arbitrary low number. (I swore my scale was broken for a month)


So hit the store and get TWO SHIRTS:

  • A BEFORE Shirt (Get a DRXVE Shirt at the size you wear now)
  • A GOAL Shirt (Get a GOAL Shirt at your Goal size)


DRXVE Weight Loss Goal Shirt - Houston, TX

The more “impossible” the Goal Shirt, the better! If you have a lot of weight to lose (over 50lbs)… buy a Goal Shirt that’s about 2 sizes down and just repeat the process in milestones until you get there!

3. Eating is Key

Fitness is an 80/20 Process. 80% Nutrition. 20% Workouts. I wish I would have listened to that simple formula earlier in the process. I literally wasted 6 months KILLING MYSELF in the gym …and being proud of it, only to come home and eat back all the calories on the weekends. It was sabotage. Don’t do it! lol

Weight Loss success ALL starts with:

  1. Calculating your macros as a part of a ‘Flexible Eating Plan’
  2. Working out to get stronger & burn more fat, faster.  

4. Track Your Food, No Matter What!

I use the mobile app, MyFitnessPal, to track my daily food intake and macro count.

Some days are great. I hit my macros, I stay under my calories & I’m on track to hit my goals.

Other days are not so great. I go a little over my calories and eat WAY to many carbs.

And… other days are pretty much terrible. I eat a huge meal & dessert at restaurant… eat Frosted Mini-wheats all day…. or just eat a whole bunch of crap that takes me WAY OVER my calorie limit. 

The ONE thing I’ve learned from tracking food on daily a basis: ENTER THE FOOD, NO MATTER WHAT. No matter what you eat. It’s always good to see the “Alverez stayed under his calorie goal” message in the app’s newsfeed. But if you didn’t…so what! ENTER THE FOOD!!! Chalk it up as a loss, admit you ate more than you should have… and get ready to win again tomorrow. This process is about Growth… not Perfection.

The idea is to set a healthy trend for yourself. One bad day of eating won’t completely kill your goals. But a series of consistent bad eating days will. Your brain NEEDS to see those “RED NUMBERS”! Seeing a few days of red “over limit” numbers always got me back on track.

MyFitnessPal is a nutrition tracking system built to help YOU reach YOUR fitness goals. If you hide food from yourself & the system:

  1. You can’t accurately hold yourself accountable and…
  2. You won’t get the results you expect from this process.

Don’t sabotage yourself. Track Your Food, No Matter What.

More Questions?

If you have any questions or just trying to figure out how to get started, send me a message at: or Fill out my Direct Message Form

How I Eat Now

Flexible Dieting / IIFYM

Flexible Dieting or “If It Fits Your Macros” is basically just eating the “right” amount of calories and macronutrients to fit your body’s needs and fitness goals. Along with staying in a “calorie deficit” when you’re losing weight, it’s also important keep track of what makes up those calories. The calories we eat in food are primarily made up of 3 Macronutrients (ie. MACROS):

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats

By focusing more on the content of the calories we consume, Flexible Dieting plans help us eat an optimal percentage for of Protein, Carbs & Fat on a daily basis. It’s a little different than “Clean Eating” in that there is a slight allowance (10%-15%) for “junk” calories…. as long as you hit your main macro numbers. It’s still a good idea to stick to mainly “whole foods” and eat as clean as possible for best results.

You actually end up eating more than you would think on a normal diet plan, because optimal nutrition is not really about starving your body (which shrinks your metabolism) much as it is about feeding it the right fuel to help burn fat & build muscle.

View These Links for More Info

More more info about macros & flexible dieting, view the links below:

      How to Track Your Calories, Macros & Food Intake

      I use the MyFitness Pal app to track my macros & daily food intake. It’s FREE and it has an extensive food database that allows you to find foods you eat, scan foods you eat (with a barcode) or manually enter foods you eat.  After you login and view the app… Get accustomed to the “Diary”, “Goals” and “Nutrients” tabs:


      • Diary – This is where you enter your food on a daily basis
      • Goals – This is where you go to enter your daily calorie amount & the macro nutrient percentages you got from the Calculator (above)
      • Nutrients (at bottom of Diary section) – Click this button to view the your macronutrient percentages on a daily basis (Carbs Vs Proteins vs Fat)

      View These Links for More Info

      Track Your Meals & Macros in MyFitnesspal App

      Track Your Meals & Macros in MyFitnesspal app

      What Should I Eat? / Find a Meal Plan

      Here’s the best advice I ever received about flexible dieting & clean eating. Start simple: Chicken, Rice & Broccoli. Every meal. Every day. (with the exception of breakfast).  After a week or two, you will get the hang of tracking your macros & move on to other similar substitute foods and meal plans. One of the main reason’s this works well is all three foods (Chicken, Rice, Broccoli) are easy to measure on the scale, and the macros don’t really overlap (ie. Chicken is mainly protein, Rice is a starchy carb, Broccoli is a fibrous carb).

      If you can stand it… for the first two weeks: eat Oatmeal, Eggs & Fruit for Breakfast… and Chicken, Rice & Broccoli for 4-5 even meals throughout the day. It helps to build your initial discipline, its a simple way to start meal prepping and it will help you kickstart your flexible dieting plan!

      After 2-4 Weeks, Add Variety to Your Meal Plan

      Here’s an example daily meal plan I use for some of my new online fitness training clients

      Clean Flexible Eating Dieting - Meal Plan Example

      Get Your Own Custom Flexible Meal Plan

      If you are interested in starting flexible dieting and getting a customized eating plan to fit your goals, contact me directly at: or Fill Out the Message Form

      How I Workout

      Throughout the process I did a number of pre-built workout plans and workout challenges that incorporated elements of:

      • Strength / Resistance Training
      • Fat Burning HIIT / High Intensity Interval Training
      • Tabata Rounds
      • Circuit Training
      • Corrective, Stability Training
      • Metcon / Metabolic Conditioning
      • Steady State Cardio / Cardiovascular Training

      I also did workouts that included a lot of dynamic stretching, yoga and isometric holds to build balance, stability and core strength.

      But by far, my favorite workouts were “full body AMRAP combos”. These metabolic conditioning workouts combine elements from all of the workout styles above, work entire body and test your limits by doing “as many rounds as possible”.  They aren’t necessarily for beginners, but after a few months in the game, they can be great to challenge your resolve.

      NASM™ Certified Personal Trainer

      As i progressed through my various workout plans, I began to design my own training days. After months of testing workout plans on myself, friends & family, I decided to look closer at the scientific research to gain more fitness programming knowledge. My goal was to create more effective workout & transformation programs built on a proven, evidence-based training model.

      NASM - OPT Exercise Model

      National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) – Optimum Training Model

      So I studied to become a NASM™ Certified Personal Trainer and started creating workout & nutrition plans for online training clients and online fitness proejcts like Wed Workout & Active Factor.

      The WED WORKOUT™ - Workout Programming by DRXVE & ACTIVE FACTOR

      The WED WORKOUT™ – Wedding Workout Programming by DRXVE & ACTIVE FACTOR

      Get YOUR Custom Online Training Plan

      Through DRXVE, I have pre-built and custom-built workout plans…. along with local Houston & online training options, designed specifically for YOUR LEVEL… based on YOUR GOALS.  Choose from 3 Levels:

      • Starter (Beginner Level, Re-Conditioning after Long Hiatus)
      • Progress (Intermediate Level, Looking to Lose Fat or Gain Muscle)
      • Performance (Advanced Level, Looking to Lift More, Move Faster or Perform Better)

      If you are ready to start working out & moving forward, contact me directly at: or Fill Out the Message Form. 

      How I Track My Fitness Progress

      Its important to track & monitor your progress indicators throughout your fitness journey.

      1) Track Your Calories, Macros & Food Intake

      Download the MyFitnessPal app on your phone and enter in all of the food you eat… no matter what! Even if you go over your calories or mess up… you NEED to see those red numbers & make sure you do better.

      MyFitness Pal

      Also… make sure you have a digital food scale & measuring cups/spoons to get used to accurately measuring your food portions when you first get started.

      For more info about  >> Using the MyFitnessPal app to track your flexible dieting plan.

      2) Track Your Workouts & Fitness Progress

      Fitness clients who sign up for my full online training packages get immediate access to the DRXVE Training AppAll of their upcoming workouts and meal plans are shared through this app. My clients also have the ability to track every rep of every workout to make sure they continue progressing towards their fitness goals.

      Best Houston Personal Trainer - DRXVE Excercise App Workouts Fitness Coach

      For more info about tracking your workouts with the DRXVE Online Training app, contact: 

      3) Track Your Weight / Body Fat

      Get a digital scale that also measures your body fat %. It’s not 100% accurate, but it can help you track gradual changes in body fat & lean mass.

      4) Track Your Body Fat (More Accurately)

      Get a skin fold caliper for more accurate body fat measurements. It’s pretty simple to use & comes with instructions.

      5) Track Your Measurements

      Get a measuring tape to track your visual fat loss or muscle gain. Here are a few tips on how to measure your waist, chest & thighs.

      6) Track Your VISUAL PROGRESS

      Get your smartphone camera, put on your “GOAL SHIRT” and track your “before, after and progress” shots. Make sure you take pics without clothes as well. Even if you don’t share them publicly, you need to see them for yourself.

      This fitness process is mainly a mind game… so you need to stay real with yourself, remember how far you’ve come & stay driven to never go back!

      Any Additional Questions?

      I hope this info was helpful.  If you have any questions or comments, contact me at

      If you’re in Houston… and have specific workout, training or nutrition questions, fill out my Direct Message form and we can set up a FREE Fitness Consultation.



      Great Fitness Guide to Read

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      As a BONUS… I’ve also added a few sections that I usually only include when you sign up for my Online Training Packages… So Sign Up and Get Your FREE Copy of the DRXVE GUIDE Today!