EAT PLAN! (Functional Training Gym Plan)

Start Your EAT! Functional Training Gym Plan. 

Jump Into New Challenging Lift & Workout Sessions Every 4 Weeks. Directly from The Savage Lands

The DRXVE EAT Gym Plan is focuses on Building Lean Mass (Hypertrophy) & Body Recomposition using Functional Lifts/Movements, Metabolic Conditioning & Mobility/Flexibility. These 3 methods of training will take your performance, fitness and visual appearance to ANOTHER LEVEL. 


If you like to lift using Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells & Bodyweight in the Gym to Workout... this plan is for YOU!

Train with a Squad that Works as Hard You Do!

In the Facility, our team uses proven models of strength training and conditioning to cycle clients through progressive cycles of programming. We use Compound Lifts, Metcon / HIIT, Functional Combos / Complexes and Core Torture  to build the strongest, most resilient versions of ourselves. If you're ready to learn how to completely DESTROY the old you....only to rebuild a much stronger, savage version... Ask about this program Today. 

Each Month of Your Online App Plan, you will:

  • Monthly Workout Plans Updated Every 4-5 Weeks
  • Workout Videos & Demos of All Moves
  • Lift & Personal Record Tracking
  • Weekly Body Fat & Weigh In Reminders
  • Flexible Dieting & Macro Nutrition GUIDE
  • SAVE on Exclusive @DRXVELIFE Merch with Monthly Single-Use Promocodes
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