CUT (Flexible Dieting / Macro Nutrition Coaching)

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Join the DRXVE CUT Flexible Dieting & Nutrition Challenge. Let's Tackle Your Eating Together! 

Save 30% with Our New 12 Month LOCK-IN Package

The DRXVE CUT Nutrition Challenge is designed to help you defeat one of the KEY Obstacles standing in the way of our fitness goals: FOOD!

Get INCLUDED ACCESS to the DRXVE Remote Training Plans and App for direct nutrition coaching & guidance from Alverez.

Join the CUT! 

Current DRXVE Squad Members have lost 30-40+ POUNDS in 8 WEEKS.

Along with a solid training plan, the DRXVE CUT Nutrition Challenge can be the KEY to Changing Your Life!!

Each Month of Your Nutrition Subscription, you will:

  • Get DRXVE Nutrition App Access
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Daily Calorie/Macro Check-Ins, Weekly Weigh Ins 
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Weekly Text or Email Feedback
  • Weekly Check-Ins & Calorie / Macro Adjustments
  • Personalized Nutrition Coaching for Your Goal (Lose, Gain, Maintain or Transform)
  • Custom Body Transformation Plan & Schedule
  • Flexible Dieting and Eating Guide
  • Template Meal Plan Based on Your Goals
  • Clean Food List & Alternatives

Join the CUT!

Save 30% with Annual Subscription! Start Your DRXVE CUT Nutrition Coaching Plan Today 


Ready to Take Control of Your Nutrition?

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