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Welcome to the DRXVE SQUAD!! I am your Trainer & Coach, ALVEREZ. 

I look forward to helping you meet & exceed your fitness goals!! So if you’re ready.....


Here's Your


Key 1st Step!
SAVE THIS LINK & Bookmark this Page!

This STARTER KIT is a long page with a ton of useful information to help you get started & you may want to come back to it. Save this page by bookmarking it or adding the icon to your phone home screen.


1st Training Session:
What to Expect

I will contact you soon via text to book your first training session. We will start your client folder, get your 1st scale weigh-in, check your body fat percentage & make sure you’re correctly logged into your training & nutrition apps (see below)

1st Homework Assignment: READ & REVIEW!

Read & review ALL of the information below. It’s important that you use all of your tools to support the new habits we are going to develop together! 

If you have any other questions, text me or email me directly at: rez@drxve.com

Complete This Checklist

  1. Download: Teambuildr Training App
  2. Download: Avatar Nutrition App
  3. Save: Healthy Food Choices
  4. Save: PROTEIN PACK Recipes & Grocery List 
  5. Read: "How to Keep Moving"
  6. Choose: Your GOAL CLOTHES
  7. Choose: Your SQUAD Shirt!
  8. Shop: Savagery Supplies List

1) Download: Training App

Check your email, you should have received an invitation to download the TeamBuildr Training app. If you don’t see the email, download it here.  Login with the email address & password provided in the invite email. We will be tracking all of your lift and strength training progress in this app. You will also use this app to access your Homework Sessions on Off-Days

2) Download: Nutrition App

Check your email, you should have also received an invitation to download the Avatar Nutrition app. If you don’t see the email, download it here. Sign up for a new account, using the email you gave me when you signed up. We will be tracking your body progress weigh-ins and daily calories in this app.  

3) Save: Healthy Foods List

This is a simple, categorized list of healthy foods you can eat to help jump start your training plan & fat loss goals. The list is divided into foods that are primarily: proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other combinations. As you improve & learn more about your nutrition and macros, you will be able to combine these foods into delicious recipes that help you hit your goals

4) Save: Protein+ Pack Recipes

This is a list of protein packed, healthy recipes you can make for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. There’s also a grocery list and additional options to help you get started in the kitchen. We’ll release new editions throughout the year.. But start here.

5) Read: "How to Keep Moving"

Consistency and precision are keys to achieving success throughout your training plan. For best results, we have to develop the habits that keep our progress numbers moving forward consistently!


I suggest focusing on the following items to keep making positive changes in your life.


Use a food scale to measure your larger portions of solid food (ie. protein, chicken, sweet potatoes). In most cases you will use the “OZ” (ounces) weight setting. For easy weighing of unpackaged food, be sure to use a small container and “tare” the weight. 

“Taring” means “zeroing out the scale. Place the empty food container on the scale, then turn the scale on. This will “zero” out the container on the scale so the only weight measured will be the food added to your container.


Use these tools to measure your smaller portions of food and liquids. Be sure to get the full range of spoons and cups, starting as large as 1 cup and ending as small as 1 teaspoon.


These measurements will be the most critical when measuring portions of fat-dense foods such as avocado, almonds or oils.


During your weekly check-ins, we will weigh you on the scale and take your body fat measurements using body fat calipers or an electronic body fat analyzer. As you progress in your training and get stronger, your lean mass (“muscle”) will increase and your body fat will tend to decrease. This calculation of lean mass to body fat % is called you “Body Composition” 

Your body weight can fluctuate with water levels, sodium levels, lean mass/fat ratio within days. The scale is only ONE indicator and not the final authority of progress. Your overall “body composition” is the most important measurement. As you gain lean muscle, your weight may slightly increase, but your overall body composition is actually transforming!


Weight is important. Body fat is important. But shape and size is also an important goal. It’s actually more of a real life representation of your progress. Your “body shape & size” is what actually wears your clothes!


In reality, you can actually transform your body mass to the point where your weight stays the same, but your body fat, shape & size drastically changes for the better. We will use the measuring tape & weekly progress pics to keep track of your ongoing changes in waist, upper body, hips, arms & thighs.


Every time we check-in, we will open the camera & take 3 pics from 3 different angles: Front, Back & Side. It’s that simple.


During your training plan, we will use your Avatar Nutrition app to keep track of these photos and look at all of your positive or challenging changes.

6) Choose: Your GOAL CLOTHES!

Do you have a pair of jeans or a shirt that doesn’t fit?

You can use this as an opportunity to motivate yourself a little bit! 


Make those jeans your GOAL CLOTHES!  

Your GOAL CLOTHES could be 2 or 3 sizes too small,  when you try it on now. But that’s absolutely OK. It should NOT fit. 

As you continue to work through your Training Plan, try on your GOAL CLOTHES every 2 weeks and take a picture of yourself wearing it. In past cases, a client’s “scale weight” may not have changed for 3-4 weeks! But when they put on their GOAL CLOTHES... They FIT!!!

This means, even though the weight remained the same, the body fat percentage and overall body size, went DOWN in the right places. This is REAL LIFE progress and really what matters at the end of the day. 

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND. Your scale weight reflects your lean mass, body fat, bones, water and a number of other factors. In REAL LIFE… Your Body Fat %, Visual Progress Image and GOAL CLOTHES Results will be the most tangible indicator of progress throughout your training! Let’s GO!


7) Choose: Your SQUAD Shirt!

You’ve Started your DRXVE Training Plan, so now it’s time to SUIT UP & Get YOUR SQUAD Shirt!  


As a new #DRXVESquad Member, you are eligible to receive a One-Time FREE Shirt .. PLUS a 10% OFF promo code for use on any clothing or accessory item in the DRXVELIFE.COM Online Store

We have a wide variety of shirts, hoodies and gear that will have you COMPLETELY Charged Up walking into your workouts! > Visit www.drxvelife.com 

If you haven’t already selected your 1st shirt or received your code via email, let me know at: rez@drxve.com

8) Shop: SAVAGERY Supplies List ✔

Use the tools to get it done! Here is list of key supplies you can use to support your savagery & improve your training experience.


The KITCHEN List is strongly suggested. You don't have to get these exact products. But get something that represents each type. The other lists are optional according to your home needs & goals.

If you have any other questions, text me or email me directly at: rez@drxve.com

✔ Add to Your Kitchen

Important: Add these items to your kitchen to help you hit your nutrition goals.

✔ Add to Your Homework Gym Bag

It's IMPORTANT that you do your homework on the days you're not training at the facility.


Add these items to your homework gym bag to make sure you have what you need to EAT... wherever you're working.

✔ Optional Supplements

Protein, Pre-workout & other supplements that can help fuel your functional strength training & fat loss.

✔ Reading List

While you're working to get your body right, here are a few books to help get your mind right as well.

Any Other Questions

I hope this information helps you prepare to start your DRXVE Training Plan. If you have any additional questions, email me directly at: rez@drxve.com.