START> Starter, Reconditioning Training Plan by DRXVE

Get Started... or RE-STARTED!

Join the START Plan.  Get One (1) Weekly Training Session in The Savage Lands (DRXVE Facility)... PLUS get Weekly Homework Delivered to your Phone.

The DRXVE START Online Training Plan is designed specifically to help you start working out, rebuild confidence, learn more about lifting and losing fat immediately.... at an affordable rate & sustainable pace.

Do What The Squad Does!

When you're just getting re-started, our normal 3-5 Day EAT PLAN may be tough to maintain. So, If you need to re-start slower or have limited availability for multiple sessions per week, this START> PLAN  can work for you.

You will get One (1) In-Person SQUAD or SOLO Session every week at the DRXVE Facility with Alverez. On your "Off-Days", you will get HOMEWORK delivered to your DRXVE Training app weekly.  Follow the Exercise Demo Videos to complete your homework, then Check in at Your In-Person Session the Next Following Week!

To lose weight, but keep the body want... You must lift weight. Not just cardio. Resistance Training & High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will help you look better than you've ever looked! This plan will help you learn how to do that.

Most elements of this plan can be performed in the GYM OR AT HOME. 

Each Month of Your Plan, you will:

  • One (1) In-Person Training Session Weekly
  • 4-5 Weeks of Workout Homework delivered directly to Your Smartphone
  • Exclusive Membership to AVATAR Nutrition for tracking calories, macros and learning how to eat smarter
  • View Workout Videos, Track Progression, Post Progress Photos & Track Weight & Body Fat Progress
  • Get a FREE Flexible Dieting & Basic Macro Nutrition Guide 
  • SAVE on Exclusive @DRXVELIFE Merch with Monthly Single-Use Promocodes
  • Get App Reminders for Workout Days or Check In Activities
  • Get Weekly Accountability Reminders for Weigh-Ins & Progress Photos


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