5 Key Mobility Flows for Workout Prep or Recovery

Here are 5 key mobility flows to help your prepare for movement before your workout or recover & stretch after your personal training session.

1. Spiderman Flow - Best Full Body Stretch for Warm Up & Recovery

2. Cobra Flow - Lower Back / Inner Thigh Stretch for Mobility & Recovery

3. Baby Squat Flow - Squat Prep / Leg Day Warm Up & Recovery

4. Figure Four - Glute, Hip & Lower Back Stretch & Recovery

 5. Elevated Pigeon Flow - Glute & Hip Stretch & Mobility

Use the Mobility Videos for Prep or Recovery

The key to using these videos is timing.

For Movement Prep:  Ramp Up! Hold each for 5-10 Secs, Move in & Out of Positions with Control & Authority

Before your training sessions, you're working to increase your blood flow, re-establish mobility, increase your heart rate and ramp up for your work.  So start the mobility flow hold each movement for 5-10 seconds, or move in and out of the positions to stimulate blood flow and motion.

For Recovery: Cool Down. Hold Each Movement for 30 sec to 2 Mins, Stretch to Tolerance & Relax to make positions easier.

After your training sessions, your goal is to relax, recover, reduce your heart rate & help your muscle tissue gain & maintain flexibility.   So when doing the movements, take your time and hold the positions for 30 sec to 2 mins to help regain flexibility and give your body a chance to respond to the stretches. Don't over stretch your muscles, only work at the edge of your tolerance. But try to work on moving better after your key lifts and movements.


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