Here are 5 Key Stretches & Mobility Flows to Help You Recover after your sessions & camps.


1. Hamstring & Hip Stretch with Band

Use this stretch first to stretch your hamstrings (back of thigh), lower back and relax.  Hold Each Position for 30-60 secs.

2. Figure 4 - Glute & Hamstring Stretch

Use this stretch complex for Glute, Hip & Lower Back Recovery. Hold Each for 60-120 sec.

3. Kneeling Couch Stretch for Tight Quads

Click Image to Watch. Use this to stretch tight quadriceps (front of thigh) or when you have slight knee pain.  Hold for 60-120 seconds.

4. Cobra Flow & Abductor Mobility Flow

Click Pic to Watch > Use this mobility flow to stretch your inner thigh & upper back. Add T-Rotation when leg is extended.  Hold any position that is tighter for a longer period of time. 30 sec - 120 sec

5. Spiderman Full Body Mobility Flow

Click Pic to Watch > Use this mobility flow to get back up off the ground and mobilize your full body before starting bodyweight movements or lifting.


Open Up your Hips & Upper Back and Hold for Longer times if tough positions if needed (30-60 secs)

Any Other Mobility or Stretching Questions

If you have any additional questions about recovery, text me directly.