How to Measure & Weigh Your Food

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How to Measure & Weigh Your Food

As much as we love working out, the work we do in the gym is only 20% of the equation. The other 80% of your total body fitness, comes from your nutrition.

Measure Your Food on a Digital Scale

Here’s a few tips on using your digital scale to track your food and nutrition intake in the kitchen. Watch the video by Soheefit for more info:

Food Amount Matters.

Working out will help you build the muscle and endurance you need to get stronger and crank up your metabolism. But your nutrition will determine if your body uses your food for fuel or stores the excess food & calories as fat. The amount AND quality of food you eat matters.

As you progress through your fitness plan, it’s important to add “food portions & measurement” to your list of MUST DO’s in the Kitchen.

Key Measurement Tools to Use

It’s important to be as accurate as possible when calculating your calorie intake and food portions. Make sure you are using all 3 of these food tracking tools:

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