How to Take Before & After Pics / Fitness Progress Photos

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How to Take Before & After Pics / Fitness Progress Photos

How Should I Take the Pics?

You can use your smartphone. A high end, DSLR digital camera would not be necessary. If possible, have someone else take the pictures of you. If not, its ok for you to take selfies. Just try not to look at the screen or block your face with the camera.

It’s best if you use the mirror as the lens and take the pictures from your opposite perspective. Choose a well lit, common area for your before & after pictures. Be sure to choose an accessible location that you can use again as you continue to make progress. The more things you keep constant about during your before & after pics, the more clear of a comparison you’ll get.

What Should I Wear?

Generally, for women, I suggest wearing a swimsuit, shorts or tight fitting active wear. For men, wear a pair of your favorite shorts. Be sure to choose an outfit that you would feel comfortable wearing or showing in public as you begin to make more progress.  Even if you only take the first round of progress pics for “private” viewing only, make sure you take the pics. Decide which pics you’re comfortable with sharing, but TAKE the before and after photos regardless of how comfortable you feel. Its important to see your progress or where you need to improve head-on.

I also suggest choosing a “TEST SHIRT” and a pair of “TEST PANTS” to try on throughout your training plan as well. Choose a pair that is closer to your goal size. The impossible the size seems, the better. Every time you weigh-in and take a progress photo, try on your “Test Pants.” Wearing a pair of pants that were impossible to button when you started is one of the most motivating things you can do.

How Should I Pose In the Photos?

Your progress photos will be full body shots. Take all of your pictures in the same area with a similar background.  Each progress photo session should include a minimum of three (3) poses from 3 main angles:

  • Front
  • Side
  • Back

Consistency is important. Try to wear the same outfit and use the same background for each progress shot. It will make it much easier to compare results over time. Also… make sure your arm doesn’t block any visible progress in your stomach or back.

When is the Best Time to Take Pics?

We suggest taking your progress pics, once a week, first thing in the morning, on your rest day.  Weigh-in and take your photos immediately after you use the bathroom and BEFORE you eat or drink anything in the morning.   For best results, keep this schedule consistent throughout your training plan.

Where Do I Send My Progress Photos?

Depending on your selected DRXVE Training Plan, you may be able to upload your weekly progress photos directly into our tracking app!

If you’ve selected the Online Fitness Training option, go directly to your client profile and upload the 3 progress photos according to the 3 corresponding poses (front, side, back)

If you’ve selected a Workout Only or Meal-Plan Only plan, send your progress photos directly us to at:

Any Other Questions?

If you have any other questions about getting started, contact me directly at: