FIGHT & STAY FIT: Keep Up with Your Workouts Through COVID-19, Corona Virus

FIGHT & STAY FIT: Keep Up with Your Workouts Through COVID-19, Corona Virus


Even in the face of the Corona Virus / COVID-19 Pandemic, we must work to maintain our fitness level and keep up with our training program.

If order to do this, you will soon receive invites to updated #EATAnywhere version of your training plans: FEED THE PEACH & ABSOLUTE MACHINE. 

Also, in consideration of the global situation, we will also be opening up the EAT! Packs & Workout Library to the public for free preview so we can all (friends & family) make sure we keep reaching for the goals we've set... no matter what the circumstances. #NoBullShitWorkHarder

6 Items to Add to Your Home Gym Bag:

Most of your #EATAnywhere adjustments to your plan will include using dumbbells and bands to create resistance, while using HIIT, plyo and core to increase the intensity and savagery.

While we CAN get a great workout doing ONLY bodyweight, our goal here is to work to keep up the intensity and tension of your gym program.

Get the following 6 items for home:

  1. One or Two Pairs of Dumbbells (Light, Med-Heavy)
  2. Closed Loop, Long Resistance Band(s)
  3. Plastic Glute Mini-Bands
  4. Fabric Glute Mini-Bands
  5. Disc Floor Sliders
  6. Jump Rope

Here's a direct link to an Amazon Shopping List:


You don't have to get these EXACT items, but this list will give you an idea of what you need to get. Here are a few more details....

More Details About Your Equipment

1. Dumbbells (1-2 Pair, Light and Med/Heavy)

Home Workout Dumbbells

Get something your can press over your head for 8 reps, and something you bicep curl.

2. Closed Loop Resistance Bands (for Overhead Pulls, Pull Ups, Stretching)

Pull Up Resistance Closed Loop Bands for Chin-Up Assist, Exercise, Strength Training, Fitness, Stretching

Try to Get a full set of bands for your money. Not just one resistance band. We will be using the bands for a vertical pulls, seated pulls and stretching. Not just pull ups. Get them.

3. Small Plastic Mini-Bands / Glute Loop Resistance Bands

Glute Loop GoFit - Mini band Resistance Butt Workout

The plastic-style mini-bands are lighter and can be used for beginner glute resistance moves and more versatile for advanced moves that require more range of motion in the hips or shoulders.

4. Small Fabric Glute Resistance Bands

Fabric Glute Loop Resistance Mini Band Butt Workout

The fabric-style mini-bands are heavier and cling to your legs with more grip. We will use these to add solid resistance to squat, hinge, bridge/thrust & lunge movements. The fabric bands work better for larger legs.

5. Disc Floor Sliders

 Ab Workout Disc Sliders for Core

We will use disc sliders for HIIT and Core moves, similar to the moves we do in Boot Camp. If you don't have sliders, you can try using your own socks on a slippery floor surface.

6. Jump Rope / Speed Rope

Jump Rope / Speed Rope

In sessions, we use the speed rope design. But any jump rope will work as we use this to bring back our favorite challenge: the #100JumpRopeChallenge


Here's that List Link Again:


Stay Safe, Charged Up... and Let's GO!!!

Alverez - Trainer - Before & After

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